Have the best day with Our activities

We are within a privileged environmental area, inside a great estate in Estación de Jimena, Cádiz.

In our premises you will also be able to enjoy different activities, not only with animals and shows, but we also offer lots of fun activities for all ages.

We have an educative program geared to the youngest ones of the family, with activities related to the environment. The objective of this program is to make learning fun and creative through games and recreational activities that will manage to make aan even better educational impact.

Exhibitions, safaris, visits to animals, plays, games, multi adventure, trekking, zip wire over a lake, workshops, kayaks, Paintball, etc. They all wait for us to enjoy and learn from the wonderful world of La Pequeña África.

The Reserve offers daily amazing birds of prey exhibitions in a beautiful natural setting with breathtaking views to the Reserve, The Lakes and the Alcornocales Natural Park.

The Iberian Eagle Owl, the White Owl, the Common Kestrel, or our Harris couple are some of the stars of our falconry birds’ exhibitions, the old ancient art which is a World Heritage by UNESCO since 2010.

You can have a picture taken and keep a great memory with our animals.

In our tour you will be able to see different animals such as dromedaries, lions, tigers, water buffaloes, ostriches, wallaby kangaroos, zebras, gazelle antelopes, chital stags, stags, Capelands, emus, crowned cranes, llamas, raccoons, Patagony hares, mouflons, nilgais, rheas, pryx gazellas and thars, amongst others. Also, you will find amazing routes in our Reserve.

Take some pictures with our amazing buffalo or maybe with a lion or tiger cub.

Visit our farmyard with our cute farm animals:

Here the little ones can feed our dwarf goats, chickens, rabbits, etc.

La Granja de Heidi is a school farm with domestic animals that resembles the farm of the granddad of the famous TV show.

Both kids and adults will have a great fun playing and learning how a farm works, and how to look after the animals, and discovering where the food they eat comes from.

They will have hours of fun milking goats, feeding the rabbits or looking after the lambs.

The School Farm is a great stimulus for social integration and learning for all kids.

You will discover a small recreation of a prehistoric village where kids can make tools from the Stone Age and learn about the cave paintings.

Heidi had her best summers at her rough grandpa´s house.

Who has never dreamt of having a tree house, the perfect shelter, or living on the trees like Tarzan?

Discover these spots in the Reserve.

La Pequeña África has one of the longest fixed zip lines in Andalusia, with 136 meters length, which allows the visitor slide and enjoy a bird´s view of the great Central Lake. (free activity)

To use the zip line, you must be between 40 and 90 kilograms of weight.

At La Pequeña África, adventure lovers can test their skills and aim in our exclusive archery area.

Stimulate your and your kid´s imagination with activities and crafts such as falconry or bath salts making.

In our lake, you can enjoy a lovely ride with two types of boats:

Double kayak and pedal swans that kids will love.

Celebrate a stag party or birthday with your friends with an exciting and fun packed game of Paintball.

Guaranteed fun!