Enjoy nature, our animals

Our visit to La Pequeña África will allow you to enjoy different species, such as dromedaries, lions, tigers, water buffaloes, ostriches, wallaby kangaroos, zebras, gazelle antelopes, chital stags, stags, Cape elands, emus, crowned cranes, llamas, raccoons, Patagony hares, mouflons, nilgais, rheas, pryx gazellas and thars, amongst others.

Without any doubt, our animals are one of the main appeals of our complex and therefore, and thanks to the diversity of the terrain and the amplitude of the reserve, there are animals that can live in semi-freedom or in controlled environments that are similar to their natural habitats.

The members of our staff take care daily of the feeding, attention, and care of all the animals.

Specially when it comes to the specialized diets of each specie and, on the other hand, the reproduction of them, as we have a tracing and control system of the pregnancies and later care of the litters.