Committed to the animals

The Animal Reserve La Pequeña África has been created to contribute to the preservation of our natural patrimony and to allow that those people that like to enjoy Nature are able to do it in a direct contact with it. In the Reserve live animals from five continents, and it is in a wide forest area with local vegetation, and attractive and exotic plants.

The Reserve is within the municipality of Estación de Jimena de la Frontera, an exceptional meeting point between the Ronda mountains and the Gibraltar Straight. It is right in the middle of the Alcornocales Natural Park.

One of our main commitments is to keep the environmental balance of this Natural Park where the Reserve is located, which is why La Pequeña África is committed to protect the plants and animal species that belong to this area, especially the endangered species.

Thanks to the varied terrain and the wide extension of the Reserve, there are animals that can live in semi-freedom or in controlled environments that are similar to their natural habitat. Our staff take care daily of the feeding, attention, and care of all our animals.

Especially when it comes to the specialized diets of each specie and, on the other hand, the reproduction of them, as we have a tracing and control system of the pregnancies and later care of the litters.