A different zoo: Pequeña África – Wildlife reserve

Historia de los orígenes de La Reserva Pequeña África

It all started around 1930 when in some wonderful and fertile lands a “cortijo” called “El Alemán” was built.

After almost a century, with endless stories and experiences, the dream was to refurbish the Cortijo and its surrounding infrastructures, always keeping the essence and magic of the place – that land of agricultural and cattle exploitation where, with lots of effort, the ancestors had harvested what the land gave them.

The complex kept growing with the creation of some excellent facilities for the celebration of all kind of events and then leading to the enjoyment of the little ones with the opening of the Farm School Las Aves.

It was so popular that the complex ended up opening its doors as the Wildlife Reserve La Pequeña África, so its visitors would be able to enjoy the area, the views, and the peace that Los Alcornocales Natural Park offers.

Next to Jimena town, the Reserve is a complex with a wide diversity of animals in semi-freedom and offers a varied offer of activities to enjoy a wonderful day of adventure and leisur.